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Truth About Abs’ is a one-of-a-kind muscle toning and fat burning program that has a revolutionalized the entire approach to losing fat. However, this is according to claims in its promotional material. You are reading this because you want to find out whether those claims are true or just mere hype.

truth about absThe truth is that the Internet is awash with all sorts of gimmicks and ‘miracle’ weight loss programs that claim to be able to help you lose fat and achieve the mighty six pack abs while doing as little as sitting in front of your television set. The truth is that the days for scams and miracle programs are long over because people are now smarter than ever before.

After a few users discovered the secrets behind ‘Truth About Abs’, they quickly spread the word over the Internet and now, ‘Truth About Abs’ is being searched for by thousands of fitness enthusiasts around the world searching for the truth. ‘Truth About Abs’ is a simple and honest program that shows you how to lose excess fat and gain lean muscle as well as sculpt your body the way you want to look. The program is delivered in concise and straightforward language that any user will be comfortable with.

What is ‘Truth About Abs’ About?

‘Truth About Abs’ comprises 140 pages of information regarding the best workouts that you can use to achieve the level of fitness and shape you want. Granted, there is a great deal of information online about how to achieve the ideal physique you crave. There is a lot of information about the ‘best’ workouts that can help you achieve your dream physique. Truthfully, some of this information about exercises may work if applied correctly, but reality is that the majority of the workouts explained do not work for most people.

Truth About Abs’ lays out the basics of what you need to do in order to lose fat and develop rock hard abs. While the techniques explained in ‘Truth About Abs’ are aimed at losing fat and toning the abdomen, they actually work for the whole body.

The Nutrition Plan in Truth About Abs

the truth about abs‘Truth About Abs’ contains a nutrition plan that forms the core of all the workouts explained in the workout program. As the author Mike Geary notes, maintaining proper nutrition is key to achieving the perfect six pack abs. Based on his extensive and varied experience as a health and fitness expert, Mike provides valuable insight on healthy eating and the guidelines that anyone can use to come up with their own unique nutrition plan. The author discuses the dangers of eating unhealthy foods, notably the fact that they slow down or make it a lot harder to develop six pack abs. He stresses the importance of eating a healthy diet as a core component of any fitness regimen that aims at toning abdominal muscles.

The program outlines precise meal plans comprising a good balance of nutritious foods required to maintain a healthy lean body that burns fat at will. The program contains detailed information about the nutritional value of the various foods as well as the best food combinations that give the best results. There are more than 70 food combinations that lead to the growth of bigger, leaner muscle while ensuring that there is enough variety to keep you interested. ‘Truth About Abs’ uses a holistic approach to make it easier for users to stick to the program so that the newly acquired six pack abs are permanent.

The Workouts in Truth About Abs

The workout routines outlined in the guide are based on many years of experience training people and are designed to maximize the toning of your abs. In this section, the author advises that the abs toning muscles should be done after the usual weight lifting workouts so that the abs are not worn out when you lift.

The program comprises a set of exclusive ab exercises along with pictorial illustrations of how to perform them. The ab specific exercises number more than a dozen to cater to different types of people, body structures, and fitness level.

In addition to the aforesaid workouts, ‘Truth About Abs’ contains useful information on exercising and losing fat that you will not easily find in other programs. For instance, you will learn all about lower abs and upper abs training, why you should stay away from sit-ups, crunches, and abdomen twists, and may other tips to make your workouts more effective.

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Does ‘Truth About Abs’ Work?

Based on the above description, ‘Truth About Abs’ really sounds too good to be true, but the reason for that is that it is actually very good. ‘Truth About Abs’ is no magic pill or miracle program that gives results in a few days, but it does work if you put in the effort. The exercises are designed to be simple but effective, thus making it easy for all users to stick through with the program.

What’s more, the ab exercises are designed for different outcomes: if you’re looking for a flat, good looking stomach, there are specific workouts for that; if you want to develop abs like a pro body builder, you will also find specific exercises for that.  When you follow specific workouts for a particular goal, you will get the desired results provided you are consistent.

Who Should Use ‘Truth About Abs’?

‘Truth About Abs’ is designed for people of all fitness levels. However, you will need to achieve a certain level of fitness before you can attempt certain ab exercises. If you’ve been trying out several weight loss programs in vain, ‘Truth About Abs’ is for you. If your aim is to shed fat and tone your muscles, this is the perfect program to help you achieve that.

‘Truth About Abs’ is also ideal for people who have been training regularly but have hit a ‘plateau’ and they don’t seem to be making any gains from their workouts.

In all, Mike Geary’s ‘Truth About Abs’ is highly recommended for any person that wants to develop rock solid six pack abs using simple but proven workouts. ‘Truth About Abs’ is also recommended to people who simply want to lose weight and tone their muscles without necessarily developing six pack abs.

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